Birds & Art
                        by: David Plank 
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David Plank - Bird Artist

Exhibition at Gallery Zeke

106 E. Main --- Steelville, MO
July 12th - July 27th, 2014 
Reception July 12th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m


                                                                                                                                    December, 2013
  Especially during the past twenty years, I have created several paintings which reflect memories of growing up on a small farm in the Missouri Ozarks.  
     Carolina and Bewick's wrens frequented our barn and other farm buildings, and they appear in many of my paintings.
I still have some of the old weathered pans from those days and use them in paintings, along with burlap sacks and other items used on a farm in the 1930's and 40's. 
     Although many of you may not have had a farm experience, I hope the paintings speak to you of kindness and warmth.
                                                                             David Plank


My name is David Plank and I am a professional artist creating watercolor paintings of birds. This is my first venture having a website. I hope you enjoy the paintings displayed and gain some knowledge from what I plan to write.


The Beginning

 (written by David Plank - March 2013)

 I think most of us want to feel that the world is a kinder and better place because we’re here. There are many ways in which we can affect the world around us. Artists, through the visual form of paintings, have a unique opportunity to enhance the lives of those who view their work, or have it in their homes.

From childhood I have had a strong attraction to birds and a compulsion to draw them and create paintings. I’m sure that part of this compulsion is a desire to show others how I see and feel about birds.

          As one grows throughout life our art reflects this growth and changes in thinking as we mature. One thing which has remained a constant in my life is the attraction to birds and the desire to show others how I see them. My paintings have evolved over the years to reflect how I have changed somewhat in how I see birds, nature and life. My work has become more and more subjective and I hope this personal view is meaningful for those who view the paintings.

          I grew up on a small farm in the Missouri Ozarks, and for perhaps 70 of my 78 years I have drawn and painted birds.

          A couple of years after high school I joined the Army for three years, then eleven years as an offset pressman at our local newspaper print shop. I painted some during this time, but felt I should devote my life to art, so I left the printing job in 1973 to become a full-time artist.

          From that point I have created approximately 1,400 paintings and thousands of pencil drawings done directly from birds in their natural habitat.

          In the near future I will write something about how I approach pencil sketching outdoors, as well as something about my technique in creating paintings in watercolor.

          Although I will add new material every couple of weeks or so, this opening statement, and list of credits, will remain.

          I hope you enjoy these featured paintings as well as learn a bit about birds and the process of creating a painting.

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